Pure Mischief

"Pure Mischief"

There’s something about puppies.  Absolute innocence, they are delicious…….we can’t help ourselves for wanting to smooch all over them and love them for their uncanny ability to bring out the best in us.

They also allow us to play with abandon; they beg of us to let down our adulthood and revel in the moment, not caring that we may be making fools of ourselves.

What wonderful lessons! Perhaps puppies are in our lives not only to help them become responsible and honorable dogs, but to help us remember that having fun is sometimes far more important than anything else.

This Golden Retriever-mix pup spoke to me of pure puppy-ness, hence the title of his portrait:  “Pure Mischief”.  The original photograph which was used to create his portrait was taken at a popular spot in Del Mar, California appropriately called “Dog Beach” where dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and personalities gather to romp, play in the surf and just be dogs.

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