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animal communication
Glad To See You

I was speaking to a client a few days ago about her feelings of guilt regarding the lack of time she has for her horse.  Her life is extremely busy and she feels that the limited time she spends with him isn’t enough.  Her horse is not neglected……far from it, but she worries that he feels left out or forgotten.

I asked her about the times she does spend with him….is she focused on him, does she tell him how much she loves him, is the time rich with quality even though it may be lacking in quantity?  Animals know when they are loved.  They enjoy us most when the time we spend with them is from our hearts….when we are completely with them, not distracted by racing thoughts, tight schedules and stressful thinking.

Our responsibilities to our beloved animal friends are extremely important…spending time with them every day is vital to their quality of life.  But it’s far more important how we spend that time.  Filling them up with our love during that time is not only good for them, it revives us as well.  It’s the reason they are in our lives….to remind us of the infinite power of that love.

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