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Raja, Home At Last

There is a wonderful animal sanctuary Lions, Tigers and Bears located in Alpine, California (east San Diego)  They provide forever homes for Bengal tigers, lions, bobcats, mountain lions, leopards and a family of other special animals.

I volunteered for them a few years ago and have donated paintings to them. When I met Raja, one of their original inhabitants and the only male Bengal, he absolutely captured my heart.  His story is an amazing triumph from neglect to majesty…and is the cornerstone of how Bobbi Brink, owner and tireless champion for these incredible creatures has devoted her life to providing them a life of dignity and respect.


The Twins

 Raja’s beautiful twin daughters Sitarra And Tabu along with his mate Natasha are living out their lives surrounded by love, kindness and joy.  They are stewards, helping to enlighten humans about the plight of wild animals being bred and raised  in captivity.  They are also messengers…showing us how to honor those with whom we share this planet.

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