Reading Energy

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Romeo and Nedra Abramson

Animals are masters at reading energy….they’re hard wired for trusting their sixth sense to understand everything.  Because of this they make  great candidates for hands-on-healing modalities such as Reiki, Accupressure, Massage and other forms of body work.

Take my horse Romeo for example….he had one of his favorite persons out to the Ranch today to give him a healing treatment.  She is my friend and trusted practitioner Nedra Abramson  and she has been instrumental in helping not only Romeo with his arthritis and horsey boo-boos, but in teaching me how to understand the pressure points that bring relief. 


Nedra working with Romeo

Watching my horse with this beautiful woman…’s obvious he relishes her touch.  He tells me “She makes me feel good and warm inside.  I like the way she understands me and let’s me be myself”.  He is infatuated with her….it is an absolute delight to see them together and to feel how much he enjoys not only her company but her gift.





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