Relationships 101


Rob-Lee and Mobias

I’ve learned more about relationships from animals than anyone else……they are such humble teachers of unconditional love and acceptance.  Perhaps that’s because the mystical dance of relating is simply built into their idea of survival.  To cooperate with the natural order of things and seek harmony is just how they live.

Horses are especially adept at  this.  Some of the most powerful partnerships I’ve witnessed are between horses and people. There is a certain look….an aura…that surrounds those who have discovered this magic of the equine/human bond.  It’s a particular smile on the face of the rider, a tenderness in the eye of the horse….a deep, soulful feeling that makes you want to be around them and have it rub off on you.


I think life is like a university where animals are the professors, we are their students and what we’re all studying are relationships, harmony and how to live in a peaceful universe.


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