Remembering Our Beloved Equine Friends

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Romeo Jewelry

About a week after Romeo passed, I commissioned a very talented artist to create a necklace  from Romeo’s tail.  I felt that having something I could wear around my neck would bring me tremendous peace and joy.   Yesterday, the jewelry arrived and to my delight and surprise, Tina included a beautiful bracelet.

Although my photograph doesn’t do her beautiful work justice, she was able to weave throughout both pieces the darker under-hair of his tail as well as the lighter, sun-bleached hairs.  They are stunning pieces…the purest form of artist expression combined with sensitivity and love from a woman who understands the incredible bond between horse and human.  Thank you Tina for your generous heart and gifted talent!

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  1. Joan from Wisconsin
    | Reply

    What a precious thing to do. The jewelry is absolutely beautiful. I read your blog every day and am very touched by your love of animals and my heart goes out to you on your loss of Romeo.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Joan, Thank you for visiting my blog…and thank you for your kind words about Romeo. I am most grateful that you are finding my posts worthwhile! Do you have animals in your life?

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