animal communication

I am often asked by those whose dog, cat, or horse has passed on…. how do we stay in touch with their spirit?  Is it important to do so?  This is a private and personal choice….and one that not everyone believes is possible.  And yet there are many stories of animals returning in  mystical ways to reassure their humans of their happiness and their joy while being in spirit.

I had a client recently who said each time she found a penny, she was sure it was a message from her deceased dog.  Too many instances of pennies showing up at so-called coincidental times had proven to her over the years that her beloved dog was still watching out for her. 

Romeo is with me in ways that continue to inspire and surprise me.  When I least expect it, a photograph pops up, or I hear the chimes that played music the night he died, or I’ll suddenly feel as though he is standing right next to me, or a horse will look at me in a certain way that overwhelms me with memories of Romeo.  I think the most important thing to remember is that the spirits of those we love…live on.  And the relationship we had with them, which brought us so much love and companionship…..can still live on as well.

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