animal communication

After many months of searching for my next equine soul mate, I have found him.  A four-year old, handsome, kind and mature-beyond-his-years fellow, he is everything I had imagined him to be.  I know this because Romeo sent him to me.

It was only after giving it all away that I was able to meet Remington.  Last month, I finally just let go and decided to stop looking for a horse.  Scooter, the horse I lease is a gentle, wonderful soul and being with him has filled me up with joy and peace.  But of course, this is the way of things….when we surrender and let go, we are blessed with abundance.  It isn’t so much a matter of making things happen, but allowing them to.

After meeting Remington last week and deciding to bring him in on trial, Romeo’s spirit has been with me, sending me signals.  I will write more about this soon…since it is a story unto itself…..but I am reminded once again of the overwhelming power of divine love and how important it is for us to trust our hearts.  It is within our hearts that divine spirit dwells and it is within our hearts that most answers lie…..only waiting for us to open ourselves to them.

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  1. Robin
    | Reply

    How wonderful! Riding both Johnny then Rico. Having a blast! Even jumping little stuff with Rico! He seems very happy as well as Johnny

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Robin. I’m so glad to hear that Rico and Johnny and doing so well! I’ll be posting much more about Remington. He is quite special. I am very blessed to have found him.

  3. Jeannie
    | Reply

    Debra, it’s so good to see that you have this beautiful animal in your life. I look forward to reading about your adventures together.

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Jeannie. Thanks for your good vibes! I will, I am afraid, be posting way too much about this beautiful boy! He is exceptional in every way.

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