Remington’s First Show

animal communication
Remington, looking all grown up and handsome

Last Sunday was Remington’s first show with Holly, the woman who is leasing him.  Although I took him last year to a show, he wasn’t entered in any classes; it was more of an introduction so I could see if this was something he wanted to do.  Like a kid at Disneyland, he took to it with enthusiasm and glee.

I spent the day with him on Sunday, taking my camera everywhere so I could capture his experience and have photos of my baby’s first real show experience.  He was such a good, sweet and happy boy in spite of the unseasonable heat and the long day.  His biggest challenge was learning how to focus.  Being the level headed chap that he is, he didn’t get nervous or spooky.  Instead, he was fascinated with all the activity and curious to check out everything and everyone.  I was so proud of him!  For being such a young horse (he turned 5 last month), he did exceptionally well.  And most importantly, he had a great time.

animal communication
Remington and Holly


Showing isn’t something that all horses like.  I made the decision when I bought Remy that IF he liked shows (both his parents are show horses), then I’d give him that opportunity.  If he didn’t, no big deal.  I believe strongly that animals want to be involved in choosing their fate (even though many humans don’t agree, especially in the horse world).

When we cultivate a true partnership with our beloved animals, we encourage communication, trust, and faith.  When we honor their right to be happy and fulfilled, our own lives become rich with the deep love and connection they bring to us and we experience the truest form of love and unity.

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