Rescue or breeder?

animal communication
Orange Boy, adopted

With so many animals in need of homes, what is the most humane way to adopt?  Do we support breeders by buying only purebreds or do we look for our next horse, dog, cat only in shelters or rescue organizations?  These are tough questions…and I don’t think there’s any one right answer.

I am an avid supporter of adopting animals from shelters and rescue organizations as well as programs for spay/neuter of domesticated pets. But because a puppy, kitten or foal is born from a purebred mother with ‘outstanding blood lines’, does he/she not also deserve a loving home?

I think the key is about raising awareness:  Helping more people to understand the importance of re-homing animals and the blatant insensitivity of over-breeding while also understanding that every living creature deserves to be loved and adored for who they are, no matter where they came from.

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