Returning to Self

Debra and Remington

“Great Spirit, I awake to another sun, grateful for gifts bestowed, granted one by one.”   Twylah Nitsch, Seneca Medicine Woman

During the last several months, I’ve had a multitude of health challenges and haven’t written any entries in my blog.  At the center of the many lessons and spiritual awakenings I’ve been able to receive because of these challenges……has been my animal family.

In particular, my horse Remington.

Through no fault of his own, a series of riding-related injuries forced me to come to terms with myself.  Little did I realize when I brought this beautiful, happy and exceptional being into  my life that our relationship would present me with the opportunity to question my beliefs, fears and perceptions about not only  horses, but the relationship we humans have with them…….and ultimately with ourselves.

Having struggled to heal not only broken bones, but a broken spirit, I am now (finally!) able to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and want to share some of the enlightening insights I’ve gained from these experiences.  I will be posting more in the future about this, but suffice it to say that at the core of these teachings has been one powerful theme:  Animals, when we allow them to, can become our most profound spiritual teachers, presenting experiences for us that open us up to a depth of understanding we could never have imagined.

I look forward to writing  more and I thank you all for your patience and your loving support.

  1. Robin
    | Reply

    Glad to hear about you. Have been thinking about you. Rico and I have been having a great time. He is SO happy and everyone can see it in the barn and have even commented about his happiness. Rico and I talk and hang together often….he’d sleep with me if he could! Thank you for helping us to get closer!

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