animal communication
Scooter at Liberty

Today I decided to try something different with Scooter.  I wanted to expand our relationship beyond just riding, so I asked him to work with me at liberty in the round pen.  I knew this would be something very new for him….far from his usual routine.  At first, he wasn’t sure what I was asking….he’s used to being lunged in the traditional manner and when I simply stepped along side him, asking him to just walk with me, he was confused.  I could feel him wondering if he was getting it right.  We spent the next 15 minutes just practicing being connected by an invisible understanding….no halter, no lung line, no lead rope.  Within minutes, he started to relax and enjoy the sense of curiosity and connection that was being developed between us. 

Animals are so like us in many ways….especially when it comes to routine.  They get used to the way things are and can be afraid of change.  But when given the chance to enjoy something new, in a safe setting with someone who loves them…..just like us, they open themselves up to the joy of purpose and the delight in learning a new way of being.

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