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Wanna Get the Bites?

As much as animals thrive on spontaneity and living in the moment, they also depend upon routines to make their lives enjoyable.  Our Orange Boy Felix and I have developed a goofy, yet daily routine which I have come to realize is far more important to him than I could have imagined.  I call it “Get The Bites”.

Every morning after feeding time there is always a bit of food left in their bowls.  Although Felix is the more food-motivated of the two boys, he loves to leave a few bites in the bowl so that he can go through this ritual/routine with me where I ‘help’ him clean the bowl.

This started many months ago when I began asking him if he’d like to get those last few bites left in the bowl and then I’d affectionately pick him up and place him on the kitchen counter where the bowls are….stroking him and encouraging him to clean up.  Mind you, he needs NO help in eating, but the special attention showered upon him is what makes this ritual so important to him.

Now, when it’s time to ‘get the bites’, he winds around my legs, chirping and purring….ready for me to love on him and fuss over him.  It’s our private secret….a routine that is much more about affection and connection than it is about food.  I’ve come to look forward to the special feelings we share just as much as he does.

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    Just the smile I needed to start my day today…I love that ritual Debra, and you described it so wonderfully that I could feel the joy in being there too.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary. As the mom of an orange boy, I know you also must have some special, goofy moments with all your feline children…..moments that make our heart sing!

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