Sacred Ground

animal communication
Sacred Ranch View

I visited a friend today whose 260-acre ranch on Palomar Mountain provides a sacred space where her free-ranging herds of horses, cows and goats enjoy a life of freedom, security and complete oneness with the beauty and wonder of this place.  Ancient grounds where Native Americans once lived, this land is potent with wisdom, peace and a depth of spirit that is impossible to describe in words.  The views of Lake Henshaw and the valley below are reminders of harmony and oneness with the earth.

animal communication
Valley of Dreams

We spent time with the horses…grooming, visiting and just being in their presence.  This family of 6 knows only the love and acceptance from humans that is at the root of the equine/human connection.

animal communication
Sacred Herd

Being around them is healing in it’s purest form.  With no agenda, they are free to give of themselves, yet free to move away if they choose.  They of course choose to be with us….to share in the communion of joy and love…. a state of grace which is their natural way of being.

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