animal communication

I’ve met a kind, patient and loving gelding named Scooter who I have decided to lease for a while.  His human loves him very much, but due to her long hours as a Real Estate Agent is unable to spend as much time with him as she’d like.

I met Scooter while taking riding lessons from a woman who used to train Romeo a few years before I bought him.  Gail felt I would enjoy him and indeed, he is one of the sweetest, most gentle horses I’ve ever met.  Glad to please any human, he loves kisses, is quiet and calm and as it turns out, he knew Romeo.

When I communicated with Romeo last week about my decision to lease Scooter, knowing that my time with this gentle boy will help me heal, teach me better riding skills and give him a chance to know how special he is….Romeo’s response was immediate “Of course this is the next step.  I’ve been nudging you in this direction.  You’ll feel better by doing this”.

Animal Communication
Kindest Eye

  My heart is still very much full with my beloved Romeo….I don’t know if or when I’ll ever own another horse.  But in the meantime, I can give Scooter the love and appreciation he most certainly deserves and in so doing, know that I am honoring the beautiful bond that Romeo and I were brought together to celebrate…and to inspire in others.

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  1. Kim
    | Reply

    What a beautiful, beautiful boy! When I look in his eyes, I feel such peace and compassion. I love it that he and Romeo have been in touch – wonder what stories Romey has been sharing!

  2. Tiff
    | Reply

    YAY! So happy for you!! Sorry I’ve been MIA, having a hard time after the surgery… Plz call me tomorrow and come by!!!where is Scooter? Xoxo tiff

  3. admin
    | Reply

    HI Kim and Tiff. Thank you! Scooter lives at Ridgemar in Del Mar…been there 12 years. When I’ve asked him about Romeo he is very reassuring and says they had an ‘understanding’ and that he knows Romeo wants him to take good care of me…and knows that I’ll take good care of him. What a blessing for all concerned!

  4. Suzanne Tate
    | Reply

    So very happy for this hook-up, Debra. Of course Romeo is still in your heart. He always will be. But to have a sweet horse to give kindness and kisses to here, in the flesh, well…everything about this is so right!

  5. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Suzanne. Thank you for your kind thoughts and feedback. I feel very blessed to be able to love and kiss on Scooter as well as ride him. He and Romeo communicate regularly…so fascinating!

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