Self Awareness

animal communication
The Thinker

‘The Mind is everything…What you think, you become.”   The Buddha 

Do animals have self-awareness…do they know they are spiritual beings?  Are they aware of their mind…..their thoughts?  Do they contemplate the meaning of life?

I have met some animals who are not interested in deep thinking; they are content to be simply animals.  I have also met animals who are philosophers and mystics….even those who are profoundly enlightened and are teachers in their own right. 

Perhaps one of the reasons we enjoy animals so much is because regardless of whether they are complex individuals or simple souls, they have the capacity to solicit in us a kind of self-awareness that can bring us joy, love, hope and harmony.  Just by being who they are, they increase our consciousness and provide a reason for us to wonder about the mysteries of the universe.

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