Selfless Service

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The Joy of Service

I recently had an Animal Communication session with a couple whose beautiful Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She has been a service/therapy dog her entire life and not only brings great joy and love to everyone who knows her, but is absolutely clear about this being her life’s work.

I was struck with her vibrant, joyful demeanor.  Even her vets are amazed that she is showing no symptoms of her disease.  While talking with her, she shared that one of the reasons she doesn’t feel off is because of her work.  She said she receives far more positive energy from the people she helps…than the amount of energy she gives to them.  In a matter-of-fact way, she explained that giving is absolutely more powerful than receiving.  She insisted that she be able to continue this work and if/when she is not able to, they’ll know it.

Unlike some animals and/or people who are stoic about their pain because they don’t want to worry those they love, this incredible girl was most frank:  “Let me be of service, it brings me joy and keeps me filled with life force.  Let me teach other dogs how to do this.  They will be really happy dogs because of it.”

I left the session overwhelmed with respect and wonder for the intelligence of this wise soul.  There was not a speck of pride, guilt, worry or depression in her.  She radiated pure love and youthfulness.  Her teachings touched me deeply…a reminder that following one’s destiny and finding joy in doing good work is one of the most powerful forces of the universe.


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