Shifting The Energy

animal communication

Our Orange boy Oscar is an interesting fellow.  On the outside, he appears confident, self-contained.  But on the inside, he is insecure at times and seeks reassurance.  I can always tell when he needs calming energy by the way he hops onto my lap and begins kneading my legs obsessively….there is a desperate, tense energy to his kneading.  I have learned that when he is like this, what he really needs is for me to stroke him, quiet him……he needs for me to shift the energy from unsureness to gentle strength.

We enter into relationships with our animal friends not only so they may teach us their wisdom, but so we may teach them ours as well.  There are many days when Oscar teaches me about playfulness, (he is the master at playing fetch), meditation (he loves his meditative sun-baths) and forgiveness (he never gets mad at his brother when they are having a disagreement).

There are also days when I teach him how to come back to his center by shifting his energy from desperate to confident, or how to stand up for himself when his brother is being a bully by telling him how grateful I am that he is a peace-maker.

When we stay tuned into energy….be it our own energy or that of those we love, we invite unseen forces to help us establish harmony and bliss.

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