Shower Time

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animal communication
Romeo after a Shower

Romeo loves baths, showers, anything involving being sprayed down with a hose.  I am always delighted and surprised with how much fun we have together getting equally soaked.

Today was a nice warm spring day and after our ride I took the opportunity to cool him down with a shower.  He stood in absolute pleasure as I sprayed off a winter’s worth of dirt and dust, directing the water like a drinking fountain towards his mouth (it’s his favorite part of the shower ritual…..he loves the feeling of the water rushing past his teeth as he takes big gulps.)

animal communication
Romeo drying off in pasture

After turning him out to pasture to dry-off and enjoy his grass, I watched him with a full heart…. so grateful for being able to share such joy and fun with him.  It’s times like this when I get a glimpse of the beautiful mysteries of the equine spirit….that lightness of being that is born from trust, love and living for the moment.


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