inter-species communication
Orchid Sign

I believe in signs. Those unexpected yet greatly appreciated confirmations that all is well and our goals and wishes…our dreams and inspirations are heard.  I have found nature to be a constant source of positive signs……when I lest expect it there is a stunning sunset, a beautiful bird at my window, a sky that talks, a welcome rain, the sun illuminating a patch of flowers.

I’ve been nursing along one of my favorite orchids…she’s been dormant for a long time now and I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to bloom again.  A few weeks ago, buds started to show….I’ve kept her in the house, near the kitchen sink where the moist air, abundant sunlight and my watchful eye could assure she’d produce her beautiful flowers, knowing that it’s the middle of winter..not the best time for spring-like blossoms.

To my delight and surprise today, there was the first bloom, just beginning to open.  It sent my heart aflutter… a beautiful sign of renewal, hope and beauty.



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