Sleeping Partners


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Sleeping Partners

We usually have both Orange boys sleeping with us throughout the night.  Oscar stays near the foot of the bed and Felix, who is a bed hog, likes to snuggle right up against me.  If I move over, as I did several times last night due to the uncomfortable heat, he moves right along with me.  He waits until I settle into my new position and with a big hurumph, repositions himself right back along-side my body.  We play out this dance and by morning I am tired and dull-headed from lack of sleep.

And yet, each morning, tired as I may be…..Felix is also there, right next to me as I go about my morning….chirping his adorable greetings, weaving around my legs with adoration and following me about the kitchen in great anticipation of breakfast.

I could easily change our nightly routine…..moving him off the bed or at least training him to sleep not so snugly.  Perhaps some day I will.  But for now I linger within my secret gratefulness for having such a great little buddy.

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