animal communication
Sweet Scooter

Scooter reminded me today about one of the most important aspects of animal communication.  We’ve been working at liberty…something that is both new to him and confusing to him.  He’s beginning to understand that it’s okay to change things up when being in the round pen….instead of going in the customary (boring) circles.

However, when I stepped-up my energy in an attempt to get his attention, he immediately became intimidated, thinking that he was in trouble.  So instead, I softened my energy, slowed down, stood quiet and let him figure things out for himself.  After a few minutes, he understood  what I was asking and realized that he could come to me with total freedom and complete joy.

When we use softness and compassion while communicating with animals, they hear us so much better than when we use force or angst.  Profound teachers in the power of subtle intent, they show us how to practice acceptance and grace as a way of life.

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