Soul Mates

Romeo and Debra

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have described the relationship with their dog, cat, horse or other companion animal as “Soul Mates”.  I’ve also been told by countless animals that they feel the same way about their humans.

Animals  are exquisite teachers of giving one’s whole self to someone else.  I think it’s one of the reasons we fall so deeply in love with them…….their love is unconditional and without restriction.  They show us the way towards an enlightened way of being.


I’ve been blessed to have experienced several Soul-Mate relationships with my animal friends.  They’ve shown me a way of loving and behaving that has become the foundation of my beliefs and the reason I do what I do in my work.  

I’ve written articles and books about this subject….one of my favorites just won an award for Story of the Month.  It’s about my horse Romeo. 


It is my hope and dream that more and more people open themselves up to the animal Soul Mates in their lives.  Their hearts will be healed, their lives will be forever blessed.



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