Staying in the Present

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animal communication

“You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.”  Janis Joplin

I have recently been spending lots of time with Remington during his turn-out.  I used to turn him out then go do horsey chores, visit with other horse women, watch lessons or use my cell phone.  Now I sit in a chair next to him, surrounded by nature, horses and peaceful stillness, with the intent of just Being Present.  As I watch him go about his enjoyment of this special time, he reminds me how staying in the present moment is one of the most enriching, powerful ways to grow the presence of God within me.

As Remy moves about sniffing poop, interacting with other horses, rolling, napping in the sun and standing close to me…..there is such a rich, deep feeling of contentment which fills the spaces all around us.  So palpable is this bubble of pure peace, there is no room for worry, stress or discord to find us. We are both nourished by these moments, utterly transformed from the inside out and we both draw upon these precious times throughout the remainder of the day and into the night. 

Animals, when we allow them to, have a way of guiding us along the peaceful path to fulfillment.  They show us the way to reunite with our true source within, wrapping us in the mystery of divine grace.

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    I love the quote. It’s just what I needed today, thanks for your positive uplifting blog!

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