Sun Worshiper

Hanging with The Family

Animals living in zoos….I’m often asked about it.  Are they happy?  Do they understand their life in captivity? 

It depends upon the individual animal.  I’ve met some who are distraught behind their bars…others who are content and understand their life completely. There’s even those who know exactly why they live in captivity and are pleased to be educating humans about how to become better stewards of the planet.


This handsome lion and his family live at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park… husband and I visited them one chilly morning.  The sun was just coming up and he was atop an old rusted-out car that had been placed in his enclosure. Basking in the warmth, he looked up as a plane flew over head. It was a captivating scene of wild meets urban.


Sun Worshiper

I couldn’t help but paint him…his quiet message of contentment and that powerful aura of determination and purpose said so much about his message to those humans who came to watch him and photograph him:  “Yes, I am here, living in your world of visitors and cameras and planes.  I am at peace.  I am your messenger….never forget how interconnected we all are  in the circle of life.”

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