Sweetness and Light


animal communication
Felix the Light Worker

Our Orange Boy Felix is known around the house as Jekyll and Hide because of his tendency to experience  sudden personality shifts in which he goes from Mr. Friendly to Mr. Not.  We have learned how to work with his quirks since in the end, he returns to his usual sweet self.  Also, we know there isn’t a physical or medical problem underneath this behavior….it is almost always related to competition between he and his brother.  One of the most important lessons he has taught us is to be kind and patient. When we deal with his quirks with love and acceptance, we are able to shift the energy and bring him back.

This morning I could tell he was on the verge of a quirk, so I didn’t give it much attention…instead I sent him loving thoughts of calmness.  When I checked on him a few minutes later, he was happily sunning himself in one of his favorite window beds.  His look of pure sweetness and light spoke volumes.

We all have our quirks.  Some times all we need is a little love and kindness to work through them.

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