Talking After Hours


animal communication
Remington Checking In

I board my horse Remington at a ranch about 20 minutes from my house.  Our mornings  together are filled with communication.  But the connection doesn’t stop after I leave because I practice the ritual I started with Romeo……it’s the ritual of continuous communication.

Through-out the afternoon and into the evening I’m checking in with Remington, sending him messages of love and reassurance and each night before I go to sleep, I connect with him telepathically to let him know I’m with him by sending him images of me stroking his head and neck.  I also send him the energy of love…..imagining a silver cord that connects from my heart to his.  These ‘after hours’ communication are vital to our relationship.  They create a foundation of trust, empathy and consistency that is vital to our partnership.

Animals teach us so much about what’s important……they introduce us to a world where no boundaries exist and endless possibilities await our discovery.

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