Talking Trees

communication with nature
Old Pepper Tree

My entire life, I’ve communicated with nature.  Not just animals, but trees, flowers, the sky.  There is so much that can be gleaned from all of nature’s wonders.  The concept of doing this isn’t a common one in our  society.  But there are other cultures around the world whose very survival depends upon their relationship with nature.  There was even a time in our own society when living in harmony with nature was the cornerstone of lives.

The Osuana Ranch, where Romeo lives is a very old property, filled with magnificent mature trees.  These wonderful trees have a language of their own; telling stories with their posture, spreading grace with their presence.  I never tire of studying them, asking them to tell me their history. 

Guardians of the Pasture

Talking with them is very much like talking with animals.  With an open mind, a generous heart and a desire to know, I can feel their messages.

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  1. Deahn Johnson
    | Reply

    I too, love the trees. Thank you for sharing.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Deahn,
    I think there’s a reason why humans find such solace by being in a forest…surrounding by these magnificent beings. Whether it’s a forest of one tree or a family of many….they somehow touch our souls.

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