Teaching Our Children About Sacred Relationships With Animals

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animal communication

Our next-door neighbors are having a birthday party tomorrow for their beautiful daughter Alice who just turned 1 year old.  I’ve watched Alice grow from a new-born to a toddling, curious and strong willed little one.  From the moment I met her, I knew she had a gift of intuitive sensitivity.   And as she’s become increasingly more mobile, she’s started insisting on coming over to see our dog Bella.  She and Bella have a thing….Bella who can be a bit hyper is gentle, quiet and even submissive with Alice.  And Alice is inquisitive, but kind with Bella.  When I watch them together, I can feel Alice’s heightened awareness and connection with Bella.  Even Alice’s mom says she has to be careful sometimes because Alice wants to go up to every dog she sees.  Most children have a natural, uninhibited need to connect with animals (unless they have picked up fear or concern from their parents).

When allowed to be, children are automatic Animal  Communicators. They haven’t yet been conditioned out of their natural abilities to use telepathy in exploring their surroundings.  The gift of instinct, the power of intuitive listening is born into us when we arrive on this planet and when cultivated, this gift can grow and become a normal, accepted way of being.  There are many indigenous cultures that still exist today in which children are raised to respect, understand and feel at one with nature and all her beautiful creations.

animal communication


When trying to decide what kind of birthday gift I wanted to give Alice, I decided against the traditional toy, cute dress, or the latest and hippest thing for a one year old.  Instead, I framed a print of one of my favorite paintings I did years ago of a Golden Lab named Abby.  My hope is that Alice’s parents will hang it in her room where every day she can talk to Abby and remember her special connection to all animals.  I hope Abby helps her recall the sacredness of animals and the wealth of joy, wonder, love and wisdom that is waiting for Alice as she grows up and develops many relationships with many animals.


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