Tell The Truth

animal communication
Are You Okay?

Although most of us never set out to tell a lie, we may not always be in touch with our inner most feelings enough to realize we are telling half-truths.  Or at the very least, we might be  trying to convince ourselves into thinking we feel a certain way about something when we really don’t.

Animals are truth detectors….masters at sensing when someone is feeling one way and acting the opposite.  It isn’t an intellectual process for them.  It’s instinctual and it’s instantaneous.  Yesterday when I visited Scooter, my heart was heavy with the stress of weighing out some issues I’ve been dealing with lately.  Instead of trying to hide the truth that I wasn’t my usual peppy self, I told Scooter about my sadness, asking that we have some fun together so I could lighten my spirits.  I didn’t elaborate….just told him the plain and simple truth. “I’m feeling down today.  This is not your fault.  I just need your help to shift my focus into the light.”

To my delight, he was exceptionally kind and tuned into me as we worked at liberty.  I could feel his genuine efforts to help me transform energy and was enormously grateful that I had decided to just be truthful with him instead of putting on a false front.

When we allow them to, animals can be our most profound teachers and our most loving advocates for accepting ourselves just as we are.

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