inter-species communication
George on the roof

Our resident Great Blue Heron George (at the Osuna Ranch) and the hawks who also inhabit this property were having a heated discussion about territory the other day.  Gophers are plentiful in the pastures and both birds are their predators.  I was walking with Romeo when I heard a loud, guttural squawk followed by screeching from above.

George had been walking the pastures, patrolling for lunch.   The hawks were flying above, also looking for lunch.  The result was a swooping attack/warning from the hawks as they screeched down at George.  His obvious disgruntled squawk was followed by a fly-up onto the roof of the house nearby where he stood guard…stewing I think about how to deal with those darn hawks!

inter-species communicationI took his photo, thinking how out of place he looked on the rooftop and pondering the wonderful mysteries of inter-species communication.

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