The Art of Being Comfortable Anywhere

animal communication
Felix in the laundry basket

Our Feline Boy Felix knows how to make himself comfortable just about anywhere.  Yesterday morning when I was getting dressed, I heard a rustling-around sound coming from the master bedroom closet.  When I looked inside, I discovered Felix had made himself a sleeping nest in our laundry basket.  Having adjusted the lone piece of dirty clothes in the basket to his liking, he was cuddled up against it, settled in for a nice long nap.

It’s the first time I’ve discovered one of our orange boys in the basket…I’ve always wondered why they hadn’t made it into a nest before.

animal communication
Secret Nap Place


Animals are completely in tune with the art of being comfortable.  Creating just-the-right nap spots, finding patches of sunlight for a sun bath, knowing how to adjust to their surroundings…whatever they may be and finding comfort in the most unusual places is their gift.

They show us how to go with the flow, look for the good in everything and know when it’s time to find a good, quiet spot and settle down for a bit of self-reflection and spiritual renewal.

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