The Art of Smelling Poop

animal communication
Remy Checking Out The Round Pen Activities

One of Remington’s favorite pastimes during his turn-out, besides watching the horses and humans in the near-by round-pen is smelling poop…..a common activity amongst horses.

I’ll always remember what one very smart mare told me about this equine habit.  Her name was Alana and we had just finished our Animal Communication session.  Her owner turned her out into the arena and Alana went right to smelling the piles of manure that were scattered about.  As is my custom at the end of a session, I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to talk about. Looking me up and down with an intense look on her face, she said matter of factually “I’m smelling the emotions…don’t interrupt me!” 

animal  communication
Awe! The Essence of Poop!


At  first I didn’t think much of this until it hit me:  she was indeed not only interpreting the emotions of each horse from their droppings, she was receiving an entire encyclopedia of information…triggered by her sense of smell.  As I studied her, asking her about this, she shared that by smelling the poop,  her equine intuition and sense of telepathy was stimulated, thereby giving her information about each horse, where they lived, what they ate, how they felt about their life, who their person was, etc.  A flood of moving pictures filled her mind as she smelled and assimilated all the data.

Much like reading the daily newspaper is an activity for people who want to know more about their world, the smelling of poop is a vital activity for horses.  It’s how they connect with the other horses in their lives.  (Although I’m sure that Poop News is far more positive than most of the news that’s available in the paper these days!)

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