The Basics of Harmony


animal communication

Yesterday when I visited Scooter, the day was fresh from recent rains, a chill was in the air and there was that unmistakable feeling of change and energy…..which horses are so sensitively attuned to.

Although he is always a kind and respectful gentleman, I could feel Scooters’ electricity and anticipation under me as we started to take our ‘walk-about’ around the property.  Before starting out, I practiced some warm-up exercises atop his back in order to gain his attention, help him focus and establish harmony and understanding between us.

We had an enjoyable time together.  Because I used my sensitivity, my companionship and my leadership to remind him of the unity between us, Scooter was able to overcome his equine jitters and focus instead on the joy of the ride.

When we remember to concentrate on the relationship we have with our beloved animals and not the outcome of that relationship….we are blessed with the most profound sense of wonder and purpose.

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