The Circle of Life


animal communication
Dee Dee and Moocher

About 10 years ago a woman named Dee Dee, whose horse Scooter is in training with Gail (at the stables where Remington lives) was asked by Gail if she’d like to start taking care of “Moocher” the resident barn cat.  Dee Dee’s own cat had recently passed away, so this heartfelt match-making was perfect.  Every evening Dee Dee (who lives not too far from the ranch) came to feed Mooch her dinner, then lock her in the tack room where she could be warm and dry in her kitty condo, safe from coyotes and bobcats.  Dee Dee returned again every morning to let Mooch out, feed her and lately, help her settle into a nice spot in the sun where she could enjoy her days in comfort. Mooch never wanted to be a domesticated house cat, but preferred instead to have the run of the ranch during the day and her nightly sleeps in the security of the tack room.

animal communication
Moocher’s Kitty Condo

Dee Dee remained her faithful and loving care taker, laundering Mooch’s comfy beds and blankets, making sure she had her supplements, giving her nightly lap-time while the two of them pondered the events of their days and letting her know how special she was.   Surrounded by Gail’s unconditional love and daily companionship when Dee Dee was away at work as well as all the folks who she greeted with her delightful meow-chirp and her bright green eyes beckoning a good scratch behind the ears, Moocher’s life was full.

During the last few months, Mooch’s age (we think she was about 19 or 20) began to catch up with her until a few days ago when it was clear to Gail and Dee Dee that Moocher was ready to leave her beloved barn life.  When Dr. Joe came to help her pass over the Rainbow Bridge, a quiet gathering of people surrounded her with love and gratitude to help make her passing peaceful and filled with love.

animal communication
Mooch the Barn Greeter


As I drove home from the ranch yesterday, thinking about how incredibly powerful the animal-human bond is, I teared up.  My heart was deeply touched by being able to witness such love and devotion…..not only from Mooch and her fierce dedication to being the best barn cat ever, but to the outpouring of love that surrounded her in her final moments. 

When we allow it to, the circle of life can teach us to let go and trust in the ever-present and sometimes mystifying power of love.  Being able to witness Moocher’s passing reminded me that LOVE really is all there is.

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