The Divine In Everything

Animal communication
Divine Teacher

There are certain animals who come into our lives as our divine teacher, carrying a special message for us.  I believe that the divine lives within every living thing….person, animal, rock, tree.  But sometimes we are blessed with a special relationship…a knowing that we are experiencing a life-changing connection with this particular animal that is other-worldly.  How do we stay open to the messages, the lessons and ultimately the blessings this being has come to give us?

Keep your mind and heart open.  Learn to see your animal friend as the special messenger they are.  Yes, love them for who they are as your canine, equine, feline companion but also, recognize them as your divine guide.  Look to them as someone who is here to reassure you, teach you and bless you with a deep and meaningful awareness.  The more you thank them for this and the more you embrace their ability to gift you with wisdom and strength, the more they will be able to fulfill their own life’s purpose of helping you serve your highest good.

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