The God Particle

animal communication
Hello God, Are You In There?

I read in the news today that scientists have made a huge discovery regarding atoms, protons and all those amazing sub-atomic particles.  They have confirmed the existence of what is named the “God Particle”…..the so-called glue which helps shape subatomic particles that make up all matter in the universe.  (In other words…..the source of energy itself.)

I truly love these scientific confirmations of what is intuitively known.  It helps more people believe in the power of instinct and to trust in all those ‘god particle’ experiences we encounter every day.

I’ve haven’t asked many animals about their opinion on scientific matters…  it seems that scientists are of the human realm.  I do know this:  when I look into the eyes of any animal, I see billions and billions of god particles.  Perhaps our four-legged brethren have know of it’s existence all along.

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