The Healing Power of Being Surrounded by Horses

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animal communication
Bill enjoying his picnic

My husband Bill and I visited Remington yesterday….Sunday being one of the few days when Bill can take time away from the business.  I knew it would be beneficial for him to be out in nature, surrounded by peace and beauty, but I also knew the healing presence of horses would do him good.

All animals are good for us two-leggeds; they bring us closer to nature and to the things that really matter: companionship, fun, honesty, stress relief and pure, unconditional love.  But horses in particular have a peculiar, healing affect on humans.  Even for those like my husband whose lives don’t revolve around horses, just being in the presence of equine energy has a way of transporting us into another world.  Horses have the power to influence our perspective, taking us to a dimension that is timeless and surreal.  Even when we are just enjoying a picnic on a Sunday afternoon at a horse farm, we are influenced by the silent, palpable and powerful vibration of equine wisdom.

animal communication
Remy, Luke and William enjoying their pasture


Because horses live primarily in a state of being which is intuitive and naturally present, they emit a kind of force that touches our soul.  It begs us to remember our inner self; that place within us that is  quiet, all-knowing and trusting.  As Bill and I sat and watched Remington and his buddies Luke and William grazing in their pasture, I was deeply touched by how simple and refreshingly beautiful life is. 

And when Remy came running up to the fence, his beautiful face aglow with contentment and curiosity (“Got any more carrots, mom?”), my heart melted.  I don’t know that I will ever be fully able to express in words the profoundly deep connection I feel with horses, especially with Remington.  It is something that is felt deep within me rather than understood intellectually.

animal communication
My Sweet Remington


But I do know this:  horses have touched my life and my spirit like nothing else during my lifetime.  The more I spend time with them, the more I am convinced that they know far more than I do about life and living in balance and harmony.  I hope some day to learn their secrets, understand their wisdom and rise up to their standards of faith, forgiveness, hope, trust and loyalty. 

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