The Heart Center

animal communication
Listening to his Mother’s Heart

Science has proven that our hearts act like a second brain….at times providing more vital information to our bodies than the brain in our skull.  The heart is the voice of our instincts.  The brain in our heads is the voice of our intellect.  We need them both to function and to have a balanced, happy life.

Animals are attuned to the ‘brain’ in our hearts….they feed off the instinctive information they pick up from our heart center by ‘feeling’ us. In other words, what we are experiencing in our hearts, whether we are aware of it or not,  is what we are sending out… a language….to our beloved animal friends.  They read that information in the same way we read words. 

Humans have this same ability… read the heart…..but because of our strong intellect, we sometimes miss that level of communication.  I think one of the reasons we are so drawn to animals is because they remind of us a highly sophisticated, yet subtle way of communicating which requires that we stay in touch with how we feel in our heart centers.  As simple as it sounds, we need only ask our hearts about something and the answers will be immediately obvious.

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  1. Jeannie
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    Deb, wonderful post. Even though your work is primarily with horses, you’ve given me some great insight with my border collie. She is tuned into my emotions more than any other animal I have ever owned. But she is also very stoic. She’s teaching me to be a happier higher energy human, because she reflects back the emotions she sees in me. I can’t imagine a life without animals. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. admin
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    Dear Jeannie, thank you for your wonderful comments. Your Border Collie sounds like a true friend and teacher for you….how fantastic for both of you. I’m sure her life is filled with love and light as a result of knowing you.

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