The Importance of Consistency


animal communication
The Joyful Look of Security

Animals, much like us enjoy consistency in their lives.  When we create a routine for them, it helps them feel secure, loved and important.  Sometimes the simplest things can produce feelings of consistency…..feeding at the same time each day, giving them their own quiet place for sleeping, going for walks and/or rides at regular intervals, special one-on-one time with their humans every day, daily family routines or rituals in which they are a part of the tribe/herd and regular training that helps them learn new skills.

Although it’s also a good idea to mix things up now and then to create a healthy sense of curiosity, animals really want what we want:  to know that they are loved everyday and that they can depend upon their family for consistent, predictable support and the safety of routine reminders about how important they are to the people they love.

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