The Intoxication of Acceptance

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Several months ago I bought a gardenia plant filled with buds and looked forward to it blooming.  Gardenias are one of my all time favorite flowers.  But the buds remained closed tight…for weeks and weeks.

Knowing how sensitive plants are to energy…especially the energy of thoughts, each time I watered it I thought “It’s okay.  I know you’ll bloom in your own time and when you do I will enjoy all your beautiful, aromatic flowers!”  I wasn’t sure why this plant wasn’t putting forth it’s bounty but I knew to be kind and gentle with it.

This morning there was a flower….fully opened and emitting her intoxicating scent. By afternoon, several more buds had begun to open.  Even plants know when you are being loving and kind.  The energy of acceptance is one of the most potent on earth.

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  1. Cindy Chambers
    | Reply

    What a lovely post. Thanks Debra.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    HI Cindy. Thank you for your kind feedback! I hope you have many flowers that grace your world.

  3. Robin
    | Reply

    Gardenas are so wonderful! Thank you! Miss your smile! Is your hair getting really long?

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin. Gardenias are heavenly! Miss you too.

  5. Cindy Chambers
    | Reply

    Yes Debra, My man and I both love our gardens. Beautiful flowers of all kinds. He is the main weeder though! I hate to weed.

  6. admin
    | Reply

    Cindy, your gardens sound heavenly! Send a photo!

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