The Journey Continues

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I have been going back through my journals and writings, reading my entries about Romeo during our first year together.  It was not an easy time for us …our relationship started out on rocky ground.  And yet, even then there was the deep desire to connect…to develop a bond that went beyond the typical horse/human relationship…we both felt it.

In revisiting these memories, I am reminded of how important it is to trust the journey we embark upon when we decide to bring an animal into our lives.  There are absolutely no coincidences; each and every time we create a relationship with a beloved animal, we invite them to teach us their lessons.  At times, our animals may seem like just our four-legged friends, but have no doubt:  there is always a gem hidden within that relationship.  Whether the lessons they bring to us are to take place while they are on this earth and/or after they leave it, be open and ready for those gifts of awareness.  It is their ultimate offering to us.

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  1. Robin
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    So so true! What a great picture of Romeo. You really captured him……you can see him and feel him communicating through his eyes! What love he had for you!

  2. admin
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    Hi Robin. Thank you! That photo was taken about a year and a half into our relationship. We’d come thru a tuff time and out the other end..feeling connected and bonded. He loved the camera…knew exactly how to focus his energy for a good photo. He’s all wintered up in his heavy coat, that beautiful, full neck and one of my favorite, inquisitive expressions of “Hey, whatcha doin’ mom? Ya gotta treat for me?”

  3. Robin
    | Reply

    Ahhh. Those famous treats!

  4. admin
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    Yes, I have bags of them now which I am sharing with others.

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