The Kindness of Animals

animal communication

A friend of mine boards her horse Casper at a private facility just around the corner from my house.  I decided to stop in today for a visit…hoping I might get some much needed horse time.  Since Romeo’s passing, I have missed the touch, the feel and the presence of a horse.  I’ve known Casper for years…..I thought he might indulge me.  

Much to my delight and gratitude, he allowed me to hug on him, give him kisses all over his face and shower my attentions upon him.  Normally very private and reserved, he stood graciously, eyes at half-mast while I breathed in his scent and reminisced out loud about my beloved Romey and how much I missed him.

When I left, my heart felt lighter, my purpose more clear.  But what stayed with me throughout the day was the enormous kindness and compassion that this horse had shown me.  Willing to get out of his own comfort zone, he gave of himself freely so that I might lighten my heart and find peace.

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