The Message of Equine Grace

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My Sweetest Love

About a week after Romeo passed, I received an email that my story about him had won “Story of the Year” in the “Down The Isle Stories” contest we had entered last October.  Sponsored by Uckele, my story titled “Romeo” won story of the month for October, 2011 and was eligible for Story of the Year.  A poignant and delightful surprise, I was beyond words when I realized that Romeo’s story will be published later this year in Uckele’s October catalog, giving others a chance to read about the profound bond that is possible between horse and human.

The equine grace of spiritual wisdom and the ability of horses to enter our hearts and bring us untold happiness and peace is a message that Romeo came into my life to help me share with the world.  I am eternally grateful to him for being my soul mate and my beloved equine friend.  He will live in my heart forever.

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  1. Connie
    | Reply

    This is remarkable in the timing…made me teary. Congratulations on this award, Debra.

    Horses are my link back to my father too!

  2. Tiff
    | Reply

    That is amazing!!! There is nothing like horses… Romney was so special and so are you! Headed to surgery in the am, been crazy busy and haven’t talked to you in a few days.. Hope you are ok.. I will call u tomorrow or Thurs… Xoxoxoxo tiff

  3. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    Brought tears to my eyes!

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Connie, Robin and Tiff….thank you for your support and wonderful comments. Romeo’s story touches my heart too…..I’m so grateful to have been his human partner.

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