The Next Time You Are With Your Animal Friends………

“Every Creature is a word of God and is a book about God.”……..Meister Eckhart

animal communication
Oscar in the tub

There are some people who believe that animals, trees, rocks, the sky, the earth….are all messengers, representatives of a divine force.  I am one of those people.  I believe that everything has a spirit, an energy, a presence.  And when we tune into this level of belief, the acceptance of this truth, our lives are enriched beyond measure.  When we realize, as quantum physics is now proving, that everything at it’s core is just energy….our world opens up.  Opportunities for happiness and joy present themselves, synchronicity becomes the norm, miracles happen every day and our hearts become peaceful, our souls rest easy.

The next time you are with your beloved animal companions, open up your mind to their energy.  Ask from your heart to be connected to their spirit, their essence.  Respect the depth of their wisdom, the substance of their soul and imagine that your essence merges with them on some deep, cosmic level.  Don’t think about it, FEEL it.  Remember that at your core, and at the core of your animal friends……there is a shared energy, a unified field which is rich in beauty and pureness.  It is the substance of love, the very force which connects all of us in peace and harmony.


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