The One Truth


inter-species communication
Photo courtesy of Julian Lichter

“The one truth is that there are many truths.”    Animalia

Recently I’ve been challenged with O.P.O.  (Other People’s Opinions).  Thankfully this morning when I was fussing about how to make sense of it all, I was able to remember this quote that has on more than one occasion been given to me when I’ve asked various animals to share their words of wisdom. Although they each had their own way of expressing it, their message was the same: “Everyone…everything has it’s own truth”.

We all have our own perspectives, opinions, ideas and beliefs.  None carries more truth than the next and the key is acceptance of the all.


inter-species communication
Zebra, courtesy of Julian Lichter

In remembering these uplifting words of wisdom, I was reminded that in the same way animals accept us just as we are (as well as their natural acceptance for everything in life)….when we do the same, we are rewarded with a kind of truth that is all encompassing, loving and gracious and one that fills us with compassion for not only all other beings but for ourselves as well.

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