The Power of Trust

animal communication

My young horse Remington is the epitome of trust.  He has a wide open heart and looks to me with complete faith and delight…that I will love him, take care of him and keep his life fun, challenging and fulfilling.  I am reminded every day how blessed I am to have such an innocent, special being in my life…who has come to me with the expectation that everything will be good.

He carries no prejudices, has no vices and believes that everyone else is filled with the same delightful joy about life.  His devotion to goodness humbles me….and it reminds me that trust is a powerful force….equally powerful to love.  In fact, trust is the foundation of love….the glue that holds us together and allows us to believe that anything is possible.

Animals are blessed with the ability to trust without measure, to give their entire hearts over to life.  They teach us how to expect the best in not only ourselves, but in everyone else.


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