The Quiet Behind the Communication

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I recently did a workshop for kids at our local library (to promote my latest book “Animal Talk, What Do They Have To Say?”).  The subject was of course, animal communication.  At the end of the presentation, the kids who had brought photos of their favorite animal companions traded photos as part of a fun exercise in learning the basics of telepathic communication.

I guided them through a short meditation in which I asked them to tune into their heart and imagine sending warmth and love to the animal in the photo, even though they had never met them.  I then asked each child to tell the group what their first impression was of the animal whose photo they were holding.  This exercise was designed to demonstrate to not only the kids, but the parents who were with them that there is a powerful connection which happens in the quiet….when we communicate from our hearts and use love to speak to others (whether they are animals or people).

Each and every child who shared their first impressions……..was spot on.  They didn’t hesitate to say exactly what they picked up from the animals and they didn’t for one second doubt that communicating from the heart is one of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to understand what animals have to say.

It was a wonderful confirmation for everyone…..that animals are far more sensitive than we might think and that we can understand and talk to them when we use the language of the heart.

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