The Show Will Go On


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The Equine/Human Bond

I had the recent privilege of meeting the cast of the production “Valitar” which had it’s debut in San Diego.  An incredible display of horse and human talent, this breathtaking show featured trick riders, beautiful balletic interactions between trapeze artists and galloping horses and my favorite…. Sylvia Zerbini, who works with horses at liberty.  At one point on stage, she had 9 Arabians galloping and trotting in unison around her…a magnificent display of absolute trust.

The original producers of the show abruptly cancelled it after only 3 days, leaving all the cast and their horses completely stranded with no pay and no provisions to care for their horses.  Last night, I was invited to a meeting in which concerned horse men and women from North San Diego County gathered to support this cast and discuss how we can help them carry on their vision.  They want to continue their show.  It is their mission to enlighten others about the loving bond that is possible between horses and humans.

It was such an honor to be part of a group of people who not only love horses, but who are willing to do what ever it takes to show others what is possible when there is love and devotion between two species.

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