The Sweetness of Paradise

animal communication

“The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.”   Johannes Jensen

There is a great mystical quality which horses seem to have.  Of all the animals I have lived with, talked to and had the good fortune to know, I have come to see the horse as the Keeper of Mysteries.  Throughout millennium, horses have not lost their ability to stay deeply connected to a divine consciousness.  Most people who have spent much time around them know this well…and yet are at a loss for words to describe this other worldly quality they possess.

 I believe that all animals have the ability to tune into other dimensions, other states of consciousness and that one of the reasons we love being around them so much is because some of that awareness rubs off on us, helping us feel the hope and faith of goodness and the safety net of a supreme natural order.

But I will always be fascinated, captivated with horses and their gentle yet powerful affect on me.  When I am with horses, I am raised up; elevated to a level of being which not only fills me with warmth and beauty, but enriches my soul….awakening that part of me which is as ancient and wise as they are. 

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